A Shard of Prophecy

The Flight From Sharn
Recruited... and targeted!

“And the marked shall know their brethren, and they shall embrace them/
And the strange shall spread fear and war, and the stranger shall fight for peace”

The group was recruited by House Sivis, through Roland the Exile. On their way to the meeting in Sharn, a bomb and a squad of House Tarkanan hitmen left their halfling sorcerer Chrysophlyax with his throat slit. After rescue by House Thuranni elves, the party was brought to Sivis and given their mission: to recover a huge dragonshard from whoever stole it. The catch: the party cannot reveal that they’re working for the House, which means no more rescues and no more House resources.

On the way to the docks, the party thwarts another team of Tarkanan assassins without incident. They manage to find a crew of privateers willing to overlook their lack of a Letter of Marque to take them to Xen’Drik. Their ship is attacked by pirates, but they manage to fight them off alongside their crew.


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